Jefferson Community Church is a group of people that live in and around Jefferson and have at least one thing in common:  faith in Jesus.  We recognize our failures, hurts and disappointments, yet come together to worship God and live freely through His Son, Jesus Christ.  We want to serve our community, and share the Gospel; the good news--and it is GOOD-- of rest, forgiveness and freedom in Jesus.

+ Our Goals


We aim to show the people of Jefferson that sin isn't a hindrance to the work of Christ in us; it's the reason for the work of Christ in us.  We come broken, hurt and dirty so that we can hear the hope and love of Christ and we invite others to do the same.  We do this by being a church that is welcoming, inviting and caring to all, no matter the issue or struggle.


Our goal is to be a church that makes disciples, who then make disciples of others.  As people are taught the beauty of the Gospel they share the same beauty of the Gospel with others.  Through preaching and teaching we desire to equip and encourage our church members to tell others of the joyful truth that lives inside them.

+ Our Vision


We want to become a church that is involved in the community and works toward its redemption.  We will do this by encouraging people to be connected to others and to serve and share the Gospel in their own spheres of influence; i.e. their school, neighborhood, workplace and community.


We want to become a church that will eventually plant other churches.  We will do this by preparing leaders who can go out from the Jefferson church and take the beautiful Gospel with them to other small towns in the area,