Bill Bennett, Pastor

Bill is a graduate of Reformed Theological Seminary and is ordained in the Presbyterian Church in America.  His broad ministry experience ranges from teenagers to senior citizens, pre-marital counseling to backyard Bible clubs, large group preaching to small group fellowship.  He was encouraged to become a church planter while in seminary.  When Bill and Jill and their six children moved to Jefferson in 2015 they found it to be a perfect fit for their family and their ministry.

Bill now volunteers for the Jefferson Fire Department and Jill is a stay-at-home-mom.  Their two older children, Chet and Jane, work locally while Jake, Tate, Knox and Ty attend Jefferson City Schools.  The Bennetts love calling Jefferson home and have found that they feel they've lived here all along.  When he's not at home or at the church, Bill might be found at the fire station, cheering on the Dragons with Jill, or at one of the local restaurants, "shooting the bull."

Having lived in small southern towns his whole life, Bill has an appreciation for family and hard work.  Later in life, he has come to understand (and is still understanding) the beauty of the Gospel of grace versus trying to get better and stay better.  His desire is to share this Gospel in Jefferson, with the hope that people will come to know the freeing and transforming grace of Jesus Christ.

Alex Lockwood, Worship Leader

Alex is a native of Ringgold, GA and works full-time as a supply chain analyst. He began playing guitar at the age of 12 and cherishes the opportunity to serve the church and point others to the beauty of the gospel through music. Because he believes that so much of our functional theology and beliefs about God come from the songs we sing, Alex tries to select songs that point our church to the truths found in Scripture – about who we really are, God’s amazing love for us, and the hope, freedom, and joy that can only be experienced when our identity is found in Christ.

After getting married in 2015, Alex and Caris lived in Atlanta for 2 years. They planned to move out west and have an adventure before starting a family, but God had a different type of adventure in mind and led them to move to Jefferson. They absolutely love living in Jefferson and being part of JCC and the larger community. When they aren’t working, they can often be found chilling on their front porch, walking their goldendoodle Bingley around town, playing ping pong in their garage, or riding their bikes on Jackson County’s farm roads.